Is your Community the next Internet victim?

Or, are you the next to fall?

It is said that recession to you is when the place next door experiences depression, and depression is you experience recession. 

The collision course for local businesses has been set, and with it we can say good bye to the local communities and society as we know it. Main Streets all over the world have been decimated by the web. Businesses have been lied to,  deceived, used and abused. The business pages and listings extended to local businesses free on websites such as Google, Bing, Yelp, became receptacles to monetize their programs and advertise competitors, all for the sake of better user experience. Every major website you visit, if you business is on it your competition is with it. With some, if your competition is not on your page is because you are paying a ransom. 

Amazon ultimate community friendly approach generates thousands of low paying jobs to benefit from tax breaks while their real plan is to eliminate those jobs with obedient robotics. 

It is time to reset the course and prevent Titanic ends. 

To all of those whose decision they make for convenience, take the time to reflect what convenience is doing to you and the community you live in.

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