The StayInformed App - The Communicator no one can do without.

StayInformed is a multi-purpose communication system / emergency notification system that lets you quickly, easily and reliably notify a group of people. Rapid and effective alerting generates revenue, saves time, money and lives,  reduces the consequential damage and ensures business continuity. Organizations have choose StayInformed for its reliability and ease of use. StayInformed first alerts through the StayInformed set options. Alerts can go through the notification network based on the urgency set by the sender. Notifications can flow through StayInformed at a speed of 50,000 per second. Unlike standard alerts where subscribers are told where to go, StayInformed will take them there.  

Subscribers are always protected from abuse, they can only receive notifications they want and are important to them.  Most importantly because it is a multi-purpose app more people will install it making it more effective than any other app. In addition, subscribers get paid when they use it. 

Why should you use StayInformed?

StayInformed is community driven. Most importantly it is a multi purpose app. People install it because there are several features they either like to participate in or take advantage ot. 

One of the most significant feature is that every one using it can make money with it without lifting a finger (a little unusual for the web)

People are always protected, People subscribed to the app cannot receive notification unless they opt-in to. 

How StayInformed can generate revenue for everyone without lifting a finger?

StayInformed is designed to bring people a little closer to where they live. Most and for most it promotes the local 

Why is StayInformed more reliable than your emergency notification app you have to pay thousands for?

How fast can StayInformed tell the world?

50,000 notifications/alerts per second per server.